Vale Cottage(s)

Looking up the Valley from the bottom of Mount Pleasant, this photograph shows, in the foreground, Vale Cottages. This group of buildings was one of the first to be built in the Valley and was situated at the site of the roundabout today. They have now been demolished except for one cottage.

John Nelson



This photo shows the cottages when they were in the process of being demolished.The roof of the end section has been removed leaving the side walls and the chimneys.


Charles Couldry



Looking from Norheads Lane the present Vale Cottage can now be seen seperated from the rest of the cottages. Soon the rest of the buildings will be demolished and the junction at the bottom of Stock Hill will be enlarged beyond recognition.


Charles Couldry



Vale Cottage now stands alone. All traces of its ajoining cottages have gone.


Charles Couldry




The last photograph shows the small section of the cottages that remains to this day. Although extensively modernised and looking quite different it is easy to recognise it by the shape of the chimney.

2010: The wooden cladding has now been removed so it looks more like it did in the old photos.


Tony Lewis