Inside Top Temples

The next series of photos show what the Top Temples store looked like inside. Many departments crammed with stock, piled up to the roof in some places.

Sweets anyone? (oh how I wish that clock still survives)

Toy department.

Tins, biscuits, crackers.... etc. 

Haberdashery department. 

Carpets and rugs.

Hat department (plus sales assistant working in the background. 'Health and Safety' doesn't allow standing on chairs anymore). 

Gent's clothing department. 


Boxes stacked as high as the ceiling

Fencing department. 

And finally downstairs to the furniture department (note the prams and children's bikes on the shelving around the side). 


Two more photos of the inside of Temples have come to light. They are both taken at the same time and show the store as it was in the late 1960's, early 1970's (around the time the store closed its doors for good).