Biggin Hill Heritage Hanger (2017)

"The Heritage Hangar was founded in early 2011 to house the activities of The Spitfire Company (Biggin Hill) Limited, with the purpose of restoring a single Spitfire.

From this it has grown to the point where it has now a whole squadrons worth and completed its sixth airworthy example. At any one time, the hangar is a hive of activity with several ongoing restorations.

In the past up close access to Spitfires has been available to only a lucky few, but now you can take a tour round the facility and see at first hand what goes into putting a Spitfire back in the air, how they are maintained and what is involved in their day to day running.

As well as restorations, the hangar also contains Spitfires that are already airworthy, plus a Hurricane, Harvard and Piper Cub. Currently we also have a visiting Messerschmitt 109e staying with us (at date of uploading 30/03/18).

There is no greater concentration of Spitfire activity anywhere else in the world, and its all located at the historic location of Biggin Hill airfield, a key sector station in the Battle of Britain.

There is nowhere else in the world that you can see a squadrons worth of Spitfires up close all year-round and all the restoration work that supports their continued operation."

The statements above are from their updated website and explains what they do. But they do so much more. In June 2017 I went to visit the new hanger (or i should say hangars) and looked at the Spitfires, Hurricane, Messerschmitt, and much more, that they had. It was amazing to see these planes from the second world war looking as new as they did when they were first built. I have also added a brief background to some of the planes shown here.

I have also added a couple of flyers advertising what they have to offer (prices correct at date of uploading 30/03/18).

For more information about the hanger, and details of the planes currently there, go to their website at:


Spitfire T9 MJ627 - Built at Castle Bromwich, August 1943.


Messerschmitt 109 E4 W.Nr 3579 - Built by Messerschmitt contractor Arado GmbH at Warnemunde, June 1939.


Spitfire LF. Vb EP122 - Ordered 23rd August 1941


Spitfire F Mk IX LZ842 - Built at Castle Bromwich April 1943.


Spitfire LF MkXVIe TB885 - Entered service with 322 (Dutch) Squadron 29.03.45 and flew back to Lasham on 13.10.45.




The heart of the Spitfire and Hurricane are the Merlin and Griffon power plants.




In the second hanger there are more planes and a few surprises.



Piper L-4H Cub - Built in 1943.


Spitfire LF.Vc EE602 - Built by Westland in Yeovil, Somerset, on 11th September 1942.


Hurricane X AE977 - Built as Hurricane 1 in the Spring 1940.


Spitfire LF MkXVIe RW382 - Built in Castle Bromwich in 1945.


Spitfire HF MkIX TA805 'Spirit of Kent' - Built at Castle Bromwich late 1944.


If you are lucky you can see one of these beautiful planes flying.


Spitfire MKIX 'Spirit of Kent'. For more details go to:



In addition to your tour, for a small fee, you can get to sit in the cockpit of a WW2 Spitfire. On this occasion it's Spitfire LF MkXVIe RW382.


Your guide will explain in detail about the dials and controls in the cockpit.


Spitfire T9 MJ627 - Built at Castle Bromwich in 1943.


MJ627 is made ready for another passenger on the ultimate 'joy ride'. Details and prices below.


Once seated it's time to meet the pilot. 


The pilot on this occasion was Anna Walker.


And away they go.


From the hangers you can see just how close Biggin Hill is to London. The airfield was an obvious choice for protecting London during the second world war.



Some leaflets showing the services that are available at the Heritage Hanger. All prices correct at time of uploading 30/03/18. Please call the hanger on the number below for the current prices and availability.




Raleigh Chopper MkI CHOPPER - Built in the Raleigh Bicycle Company in Nottingham 1968 to 71.



Finally, a couple of videos that i filmed on the day. 'Spirit of Kent' taking off and returning then 'MJ627' piloted by Anna Walker taking off with passenger.