Surviving Anderson Shelters

Gary Defroand - Hayfield Road, Orpington.

This use to be in the ground but was removed just after the war. It has been used as a shed ever since. I believe it's days are numbered.

As with a lot of old shelters, the back and front have been removed and wood has replaced the metal. As you can see the wood doesn't last as long.

Gary's daughter has used the side of the shelter to improve her painting skills.


Brian Barnes - Broomwood Road St Paul's Cray

Brian had to dig the steps out, that were built by his father, to find the entrance to this shelter.

Inside is still pretty sound.


Brian has dug more of the entrance out and will soon reveal the steps that his dad made into the entrance.

This picture shows Brian's mum at their house. Note another Anderson shelter in the background. This one was used as a shed so the front had been cut out to act as a door.

This photograph, taken by Brian's father, show the gas works in Sevenoaks Way, Orpington, during the blitz.


Louise and Steve - near Brands Hatch

This shelter sits at the bottom of their garden. Looking very overgrown but the soil at the sides has been cleared away many years ago. This is actually the back of the shelter and a window has been installed.


Once the ivy has been cut back the entrance is accessible.

A concrete floor. Luxury! Most of the floors in these shelters were just soil.

Inside it still looks in good condition. Going by the shelves it has been used regularly throughout it's life in the ground.




Ron Woodward - Swievelands Road

These photos are from 1967 taken during the construction of their house, 'Tree Tops' in Swievelands Road, Biggin Hill. Although this shelter was dug out it did have a new lease of life.

It was used as a store for the cement during the construction of 'Tree Tops'.

The original 'Tree Tops', now replaced by a new Tree Tops.


Colin Pascoe - Church Road, Biggin Hill

Colin removed his shelter when he extended his house in the '70s. He kept some of the panels which he has used for various jobs in the garden - even using two as a raised bed.



Whilst I was there, Colin showed me his original anderson shelter 1/2" Whitworth spanner. In as good condition as it was 70 years ago (unlike mine that I dug up).