Pilot's Pal Calendar 1987
1987 Front Cover

At the end of the first day of the 1986 air show the Pilots Pals team assembled in the King Air Bar where I was approached by an American pilot saying "You should put a real aircraft on your calendar" "What are you flying Sir" I asked. "A10's" He replied.
Disregarding my fresh Guinness I grabbed Pal Mandy Tedman instructing her to be ready to remove most of her clothing. With one pilot and one Pal bundled into my car we headed for the parked aircraft. The sun was setting leaving me little time to worry about lighting, not helping my situation was a security Alsatian with ambition of taking a bite out of my undercarriage.

The shoot over in seconds we came up with "We made History" the front cover for the 1987 Pilots Pals calendar.

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