Name That Resident 2

I have been sent another batch of photos showing residents of Biggin Hill. Can you name the residents? The pictures below were all taken in the 1950's. Can you help?? Some of the names Ian already knows, or we have found them after putting the photos on my Facebook (the group is the same name as the website if you'd like to join). If you can help, let me know and I will add the names to this site.

The words attached to the photos are all by Ian Small.


All pictures from Ian Small


This is my grandparents Charles WT and Elizabeth Small (Charlie and Lizzie) my grandfather was postmaster at Biggin Hill 1948 to 1961 and also ran an estate agency which he continued to operate till the early 1970's. After my grandmother died he remarried a Biggin Hill woman called Maureen Cole.


These are my parents Charles AD and Beatrice M Small (Charlie and Trixie) with their friends Cornelius and Beatrice Morse (Con and Bea) Mum and Dad worked the post office counter 1948 to 1961. Con was a retired tailor (I believe) and quite a good amateur artist, specialising in water colours of flowers. They lived in Old Tye Avenue next door to the Goodisons to whom they may have been related. They were also related to Rose and Rich Blake who had the Bee garage in The Valley, somewhere near te bottom of Polesteeple Hill I think. Con and Bea emigrated to Canada in their eighties to live near their daughter who was married to a Canadian.



My mother was at one time a Captain in the Girl Guides and I believe that this was her "troop" ( do girl guides have troops?) possibly on a camping trip at Downe but I am not sure about this.


Pauline Sallis say: That's me sitting in the bottom left I was Pauline Leyton now Pauline Salliss, the others are Gladys Favargue, Wendy Blake, & I think Pat Hayley taken early 1950's but can't remember where.



Me as Flying Officer Kite circa 1956 or 7 competing in the Decorated Bicycle Category at the carnival Won 1st Prize. 



School photo of me at the old Biggin Hill School probably aged about 8


Mum and Dad with Dennis and Enid Parker. Enid worked at the post office for some time and I believe she is still living in BH



Carnival about 1955 Ian as Chimney Sweep My cousin Pat as "Commercial Television" Far right in pyjamas is George Gibson who lived in Stock Hill (The bit that's now Temple Hill) opposite Temple's. Retired hairdresser. Who is the little boy as Cupid who cried the whole day? Picture taken in the Recreation ground off Church Road. 



This group photo was taken in the "rec" in probably 1958. George Gibson at the left as Queen Victoria. My uncle as "Time goes by" strapped to a stretcher with an alarm clock (no I didn't get it either!) My mother as Miss 1920. My aunt exploiting her strong resemblance to one of the "Vernons Girls" as Miss 1958. 


John Marshall says: I can tell you that I (John Marshall, aged 7 when the photo was taken) was dressed in the Watneys Brown Pale Ale costume, and my brother Paul, aged 8 was the 'OMO' boy. My mother Betty Marshall can be seen in the back right hand side of the photo (the lady smiling). Behind Betty was Edie Burrow and beside her Peter and Audrey Marshall. Audrey is holding a young Jeffery Marshall




I remember the faces but not the names. My Cousin Pat is "Bear with a sore head" This was taken in the Rec in Church Road 



Boy contestants. Ian as "Off Ration Be Grate-full" on my way to another first prize! I believe the boy dressed as a beer bottle may have been something to do with Abbots Bakery surname Marshall perhaps? I may be wrong its nearly 60 years ago!




This was in the Memorial Hall A wooden structure that stood at the junction of Church Road and Main Road and never quite got finished I think they ran out of money. Ian as Mad Hatter. At the far left "The Missing Link" and a boy in drag as "Sabrina" who was a Pointless Celebrity of her day.Brother and Sister at the back, he is in a cowboy hat. May have been twins? Surname Bell I think. 




Ian as FO Kite again. The RAF uniform is genuine, adapted. Ask no questions. The old lady in profile at the back, next to the boy in the checked shirt, is my Grandmother Lizzie Small, last photo of her shortly before her death.  



As the Vicar of the moving church. Model made by father showing the original design for the church, based on the original. The Vicar changed his mind and opted for the "modernist" church we see today. In his book about The Moving Church he credits my grandfather for producing the drawings to accompany the planning application. My grandfather was an estate agent and valuer. In reality the plans were produced by my father who had studied to be an architectural draughtsman but never pursued that career. I won two first prizes that day and had to do a quick change between the two costumes. There was an article about me in the Kentish Times at the time but I no longer have a copy.
The fact that me and my relatives won so many prizes over the years had absolutely nothing to do with my father being on the carnival committee, honestly! He was a very talented man who designed and made all the costumes. Many years later, we were involved in an Am-Dram group and he made all the props for our annual pantomimes. This was not at BH though but in Woolwich. 




My mother and her brother John as "Lady and the Tramp" and George Gibson and a lady (honestly!) as "Tired Tim and Weary Willie" who I think were cartoon characters.


My parents as they would have looked in the early 1950's.