Name That Resident

I have been sent many photos of Biggin Hill. The pictures below were all taken in the early 60's but I don't know who they are. Can you help?? (Some of the pictures are also in 'Carnivals and Fetes') If you can help, let me know and I will add the names to this site.


All pictures from Charles Couldry


The one that is standing is Bernard Shrubb, the one sitting on the tyre is his nephew, Ian Shrubb. The garage was owned by Ian's Father, Hugh Shrubb, also known as 'Tipper'. The garage was in Old Lane, Tatsfield. The garage was demolished many years ago, and is now a house. 

Desmond (Brother of Bernard & Tipper).

2 Samuel Mason

3 Richard Blake



The man in cloth cap, dark suit and gumboots is David Burgess and the one in the light coat with hands in pockets is Jack Tessier. They both lived in Hillcrest Road.

Mark MacWilliam says: I can confirm Jack Tessier as well as the identity of the gentleman at the right of the photo, standing with his back to the camera and wearing his trademark hat: He is J.B. 'Jim' Huckle the then headmaster of Biggin Hill Primary School.


Rita Wells (nee James) says:

Photo number 6 is Lilian Antonides, she lived on the Main Road, in one of the bungalows that had to be knocked down because of the runway. She then moved to Acorns, Christy Road. She was a self taught sculptor, making horses and portraiture. She made the fish in the font in St Mark's Church and had Dr H Crosskey (of Biggin Hill) sit for her. She also took the May Queen classes in Biggin Hill. I think the sculpture in this photo may be of the Indian Princess who lived in Salmonetti (unsure of spelling), Sunningvale Avenue.


Rita Wells (nee James) says:

Photo 7 is either Miss Squires (who lived in Sunningvale Avenue) or the Indian Princess

Alan Everett says:

I am sure that picture 7 is of a lady by the name of Nina Hosali who lived opposite Charles Couldry in Sunningvale Avenue, she was an artist and sculptor and spent time in India as a lady in waiting to a princess, I can also recollect that her father was in the military in India.


Katy WRIGHT [nee GALLAGHER] says:

The lady in picture 7 is definitely not Nina HOSALI who I knew very well. I'm not sure who it is.



Rita Wells (nee James) says:


The young lady with the headband on is Pauline Hughes


11 Deena and Deborah Smith


On the immediate left wiping her eye is Mrs. Lock (Allenby Road) and next to her is Mrs. Perfitt (Moselle Road).

Mark MacWilliam says: 3rd from left, 'Bessie' Williams, Allenby Road. 5th from left, leaning over the table is Mary Hackney, late of Coronation Terrace, Main Road. The young girl wearing glasses and speaking to Mary is Gillian Barber whose family lived in the Main Road opposite St Mark's Church.


Heather Brice says: On the left is Karen Marshall who I think lived somewhere on the Main Road, and the girl on the right is Sarah Simmons who lived in Haig Road.  They were both in my class.  I think the photo was probably taken in about 1968 when we would have been 10 but I have no idea what the occasion was.  I don't know the little girl in the middle of the photo.  She looks a lot younger and definitely wasn't in my class.  When we left the primary school, Karen went on to Hayes Secondary School and Sarah went to Bullers Wood School.


Janis Farley, nee Ridler says: I was in the Brownies, and these two were in my class. I haven’t seen them since 1966, this would have been sometime before then. The first is Agnes (Bunty) Muir, the other, Josephine Couldery.






Stephanie Latham says: The photo of Minnie Mouse (number 17) is me. It was taken in 1964. My name then was Stephanie Green and I lived with my parents in Old Tye Avenue. Mr Huckle, the headteacher of Biggin Hill Primary had the photo in his office when I attended the school.


Mark MacWilliam says

The central subjects of this photo are the delightful Hughes twins Sylvia and Frances - not sure which way round though!

The young girl in this photograph is Jacqueline Gold who is now Chief Executive of the Gold Group International companies Ann Summers and Knickerbox.


Rita Wells (nee James) says:


Photo 20 - Beatles - The second from the left is Pauline Hughes


Mark MacWilliam says: I seem to recall the group were named 'The Prowlers' and I think they may have enjoyed some minor chart success. They are pictured outside Mr Pilcher's classroom (Class 12) on the Main Road side of the main school building. I still have a scar on my right knee following a messy crash whilst racing my 'soapbox' cart in a track-race along the adjacent playground that same day! It is possible that the boy wearing the space-themed shirt is Chester Willey who lived just up the road from my family in Sutherland Avenue. It certainly looks like him!


Malcolm Guylee says: With reference to your photo of a pop group at Biggin Hill school in the 1960s I'd like to point out that they are not The Prowlers.The Prowlers were Brent Guylee (my brother), John McKeon (not sure of the spelling) Stuart Fordham and Brian Blundall.They did not have any chart success as they did not release any records.They later became The Oggy Band.I do not recognise anybody in the group in your photo but they are definitely not The Prowlers.I do however remember Mr Pilcher the teacher.I hope this imformation is of some help.






Rita Wells (nee James) says:

The girl on the left is Jacqueline Rushton.

Katy WRIGHT [nee GALLAGHER] says:

The Blonde girl on the Carnival Float in one of the photos, is my sister Marian GALLAGHER.


Sally Cuddy says:


The May Queen in this photo is Susan Griffiths (my mum).