Joseph Merchant's Millennium Calendar

Historic Biggin Hill in our year 2000

Towards the end of the 20th century, Joseph Merchant was discussing with friends what could be done in Biggin Hill to commemorate the 2000 Millennium. The idea was born of a calendar recording the history of Biggin Hill. Twelve photographs could not encompass the many facilities the town had to offer. So Joe came up with the idea of using the reverse side of each month to show black and white images of its people, buildings and streets.

The calendar is a piece of local history itself as in many of the images you can see a Biggin Hill that no longer exists. It was also made the finals of the National Calendars Awards. Alas it didn't win.

I'd like to thank Joe for letting me reproduce the whole calendar on my website.

The following pages show the calendar in its entirety. Click on the picture above to enter the calendar.

Please note, all comments expressed in the calendar are from Joseph Merchant and not from anyone connected to the 'Biggin Hill - Then and Now' website.

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