Mead House

I had no idea when I took the photograph of Mead House back in 2001 that it would end up as a 'Then' photo. I'm afraid I don't know much about Mead House. Only that at the side was Mead farm where they use to sell plants and garden accessories. I remember buying a bag of compost there once. If anyone has any information about the house and its history, please let me know.

The 'Now' photo shows how it looks in 2010 a year after the new Mead House was built.

Interesting to note is the height of the curb in both photos. Not only was the new Mead House built on the land of the old but also on the cark park of the Black Horse. Or that's what I thought until I heard from Mary McAvoy, who's grandfather, Arthur Tremain used to own Mead House, and she told me the following:

Mead House belonged to my grandfather Arthur,it was the farmhouse for Tremain & Sons Farm. Four of the sons worked the farm, which went through to Jail Lane, where we lived. John [grandson], still farms at Downe. Arthur was a brother to John Tremain, pictured in "Grandfathers Biggin Hill", at the forge.

You say that you thought Mead House had been built on part of the Pub's car park, the garage with black doors marked the end of the pub's land, there was a drive way to the back of Mead Hse for tractors etc:just pasted the garage. This was used up until about the 1970's. The other side of M.H. finished at the public footpath which takes you through to Old Tye Ave, if you follow this path about 3/4 of the way, you can turn left and this marked the end of the farm down Jail Lane, which is all housing now.

Tony Lewis 2001

Tony Lewis 2010


Tony Lewis 2010