Tony Lewis

I was born in Bromley on the 4th November 1960 but did not move to Biggin Hill until I married Joanna in 1988. I am a retired retail manager and, laterly, kitchen designer. Hobbies include computers, photography, gardening, world travel and writing/playing music.

                                                                                    Henry Lewis


                                                                                  Joanna Lewis


Ever since computers came into fashion I have always been interested in them. Another interest of mine is local history and it was whilst reading John Nelson's 'Grandfather's Biggin Hill' I wondered if there was anything on the internet about the history of the place. At the time there was not so I decided to put matters right.

I contacted John Nelson about the idea, as he was the main source for photographs, and he was willing to help. I thought it would be interesting to take photographs now, from the same position as William Nelson took them nearly 100 years ago, to see how the scenes have changed. As you can see from this site, I have been quite busy.


I am always on the look out for new 'old' pictures, and old cine/video films, of Biggin Hill. If you can help please contact me at:

If you would like to comment on the site, or share your memories, contact me at: 

If there are any problems with the site or you find any inaccuracies, then contact me at:

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