Girl's Brigade 1959


Pat McCann

This photograph, supplied by Pat McCann, show's the Girl's Brigade of 1959 that use to meet once a week in the Baptist Church. Can anyone help me to put names to faces?

8th March 2010. Pat McCann wrote:

Back row 4th from left Barbara Mullens
Middle row far right Pat Williams
Front row 1st left Pam Mullens



Jan McInnies writes:

Middle Row second from left is me
Jan McInnies.
Kneeling down behind Pamela Mullens is Christine French.
Third from left front row Mrs Horton, Captain I think - anyway she was in


Second in from the left is me Jan McInnies. Kneeling down on the left is Christine French. Third from left front row Mrs Horton, Captain. The others Pat McCann mention are correct except the spelling of Mullens. You can pick the juniors and seniors by their ties. The photo would have been taken in the Baptist Church that used to be next to the primary school. You had to attend church to belong to the Girls Life Brigade (later became the Girls Brigade I believe). I remember as a group marching at the Royal Albert Hall.

I am still in touch with Pamela Mullens and Colin Townsend. Colin used to live opposite the primary school next to the Doctors (Mr Crosskeys). Colin, Barbara Mullens, Christine French and me used to hang out as kids and teenagers - spent a lot of our 'playtime' over the aerodrome in the old air-raid shelters. The best place to play in of course was that old mansion, not too far from the Nightingale Cafe (picture on your site). Did you know the police used the old house to train their police dogs - we barricaded ourselves in the attic one time when the dogs came, very scary because the dogs could smell us!!