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4th December 2012 to 11th March 2014

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This is a record of the works. If anyone wants to add to this, please email me.

Last updated: 11th March 2014

How long have the works have been going on?


from when Woodlands arrived and removed the hedge.
(Remember, they said 18 to 24 months. That's 548 to 730 days)

4th Dec 2012

Today workmen from the council came and erected a new lamp post. This was paid for by Woodlands on behalf of the Cherry Lodge golf club. At this point the inspector had not announced his decision. Why was it done? We still don't know. When we told our councilors the new post was removed a couple of days later.
15th Jan 2013

Council workers installed a new electrical junction box. This is usually used for installations like crossing beacons and street lamps, or anything electrical. They said it was to do with the works across the road. Note the pink mark on the curb in the bottom right corner. There is an identical mark a little further down, directly opposite the bent street lamp which is to be removed. The pink line on the pavement is where the electrical cables run.

My guess is that they are going to put the replacement street lamp here, on this side of the road. The cable from the old street lamp being routed across the road, along the pavement to the box where it will be connected to the new street lamp. This is only my theory as there was NO MENTION of a street lamp here in any of the plans.
  29th Jan 2013 

New lamp post has gone in this morning but not where we thought. It is directly opposite the entrance to the new haul road. They still need to wire the light up to the junction box (above). I'm sure there's a very good reason why they've put the two 60 feet apart but now they will have to dig up the pavement between the post and the box to get it working.
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  28th Feb 2013 

Council workers moved the new electrical junction box. If you look very hard at the photo you can see where they've put it. No? Well it's now on the other side of the road on the right side of the entrance to the field. Perhaps they'll come next month and move the lamp post again.

This really hasn't been planned at all has it?
8th April 2013 

Today the work started. The hedge has been removed and the area sealed off.
  9th April 2013 

The hedge running south of the haul road was trimmed today. Usually the bits would be directed into the field the other side of the hedge but this time it went everywhere. Local resident says:

"There are pieces of wood showering my front door, my car, cars parked on the Main Road and windows of the Farm shop. Woodland Environmental in action! Their contractor Peter Williams was cutting the hedges at 11 am today. I went to the field to ask them to stop and protect the public on the pavement and passing cars. The contractor and site foreman Mr. Harry Wharton had a good laugh at me and said that 'there is nothing they can do'. They laughed when I said that somebody might get injured and they should put signs on the pavement or ask the residents to remove the cars so that they do not sustain damage."
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 13th April 2013 

First chance to get out and photograph the works so far. Hedge gone south of the entrance and hedge reduced to the south (except for one branch which has, HAD, a magpie's nest in it. They've not been seen since). Council still have to come and make the entrance from the road and remove the street lamp. Good to see they are putting down a membrane before the rubble. This will stop contaminating the soil and it will be easier to remove the hardcore when the road is taken up again.
  15th April 2013 

Deliveries of hard core have been arriving today for the haul road. This will now carry on until the road down to the golf course is complete.
  16th April 2013 

Today saw deliveries of the heavy machinery needed for the works. The streetlamp on that side of the road was also removed. As the entrance isn't fully constructed yet the lorries have been reversing in. Hats off to these drivers. The operation was carried out swiftly with no delays to traffic.

The haul road preparation has almost reached the bottom of the field. I was particularly impressed with the 'wall' of soil on the field side of the road. Very neatly done.
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20th April 2013 

This weekend the entrance is taking shape. The sides have been constructed and now just needs filling in.

The haul road preparation has reach the bottom of the field and has just turned the corner.
No photo today.
22nd April 2013

Today was very interesting. Started off with rubble being laid down between the curbs and a delivery of hardcore which was also laid down. Then there was a visit from a man in a very clean hi-viz jacket and a set of plans (Council?). After he had gone they started removing all the rubble that had been laid in the morning. Following that they dug out another couple of feet of soil, finally laying down black plastic and rubble. Finished work at 7:30pm. I think they got the wrong depth in the first place.
23rd April 2013 

We had our first taste of what things will be like when the soil lorries arrive. At one point we had 2 lorries on site delivering rubble whilst a third was parked on the road waiting. Everything arriving was dry and caused a lot of dust but the wind was not in our direction so no problems.

The first day of the street lamp wiring up also happened today. Tomorrow they will connect it up to the junction box on the opposite side of the road. There will be temporary traffic lights here for that.
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26th April 2013 

The two sides of the entrance were filled with concrete today (this picture was taken in the morning before the cement had arrived).

It was a rainy day today and that meant MUD! This picture was taken just after the first lorry had been and gone (and all before 8am - well before the allowed time of 9:30). After a few more lorries it get very messy and very slippery.

Although the street lamp was wired up yesterday, it still doesn't work.
2nd May 2013 

Not much to report this week so far. The entrance to Main Road is now complete and the haul road is inching nearer to the golf course but still only on it's first leg. Looking at the construction of the road it couldn't be called anything other that 'temporary'.

I don't know what is in the bowser that they have on site but whatever it is, it is leaking out. Answers on a postcard please.
4th May 2013 

Just a quick update. Their sign has gone up, the footpath (along the edge of the field) across the entrance has been reinstated and, in case you're wondering, it's only water leaking out of the bowser.
10th May 2013 

Due to work commitments this is the first time I've had a chance to update this GLOG. Well it's all been happening on the haul road. Now the entrance is complete the haul road is inching towards the golf club. Also, there are now two large concrete foundations which will be part of the 'bridge' that has to be constructed over a major gas pipeline to prevent it from cracking. The haul road itself has now reached the woods at the far end of the field and started to turn the corner.
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Incidentally, if there is anyone reading this that has any idea what this machine does, please email me here.

(Update 11th May. Thanks Tony for the info. It's one of the wheel washers. Perhaps I'll be allowed to take a picture of it working soon?)
By the way, I said on the 13th April's entry that the magpies were no longer in their nest. This is not the case. They are still there keeping an eye on things for us.
13th May 2013 

The concrete slabs which will make up the 'bridge' over the gas pipeline have arrived on site today (I wonder what the metal bars are for?) Haul road a little further towards the golf club.

One of the large earth movers on site. Wonder if they'll let me have a go?
15th May 2013 

The concrete slabs are now in place ready to be covered. The road, which is turning out to be a monstrosity, is getting closer to its goal.

I can't see the wheel cleaning thing having much effect in these conditions on this road.

And as for the new sign. Surely the golf club are aware of the local residents' objections to this scheme?

So it shows just how little they care for the community to put up a sign they must have known would cause anger.

I hope you have planning permission to advertise here?
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16th May 2013 

They painted some nice white lines on the entrance today. Perhaps they should have installed the wheel washing facility first.

Speaking of which, the rest of the wheel washing machine components arrived today as well.
17th May 2013 

A local resident has sent me this photo of a new sign that has appeared along Main Road. The concern is that it makes the pavement very narrow at that point. The Council has been notified and they will be checking it out.
18th May 2013 

As if the sign they put up on the 15th May was bad enough they now have erected another. This time it's a breakdown of what work is actually going on.

But who is it for? The writing is far too small for people to see as they race passed at 50mph. There is far too much to read for people going at slower speeds. Perhaps it's for the local residents?? I don't think so, they are only too well aware of what is going on.

What a waste of time and effort.

31st May 2013 

Things are hotting up now. This morning saw 8 lorries turn up at the same time (CLAG had warned that this would happen). But there were no hold ups on the road. There was, however, a lot of mud on the road. The wheel washing facility didn't seem to be working as it should so they had to wash the wheels down with a pressure washer.
31st May 2013

The haul road has now reached the end of Strawberry Field and is about to turn into the next field along the line of the bridleway. There has to be a 'buffer zone' between the bridleway and the haul road of 13 metres. I'm sure that Woodlands will abide by their plans.
30th May 2013

Going back one day for these pictures that were given to me by another local resident. It shows how the large numbers of lorries arriving at the site, and the time it takes to clean the wheels, are causing congestion on Main Road.

The last picture shows that even though Woodlands have now taken over a huge area of the field with this road (large enough for 2 lorries to pass, and more) they still park their cars on the public footpath/bridleway. Why don't they park them on their road?
4th June 2013

The mound of rubble at the bottom end of the field is getting higher. Looking more like a Saxon burial mound than a temporary road. The reason? The road is about to turn right onto the next field which is on a different level to Strawberry Field.
The little tractor has been very busy the last couple of days towing it's bowser behind it damping down a very dusty road. Well done little tractor.
<> 5th June 2013

For a change i thought I'd add a short video. It's 1 and 1/2 hours of lorry deliveries condensed into just under 10 minutes. You can see much more if you watch it full screen. Enjoy.

Watch out for the little tractor doing its stuff.
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7th June 2013

I would have thought by the end of this week the haul would have turned the corner and be making its way across the next field. But instead the mound is getting higher. It surely doesn't need to be THIS high? 10 to 15 feet?
And another mound has now appeared at the bottom of Strawberry field. What's this all about? Or is it the first deliveries of the inert soil the golf club need? We'll see.
Another mound has grown this week at the entrance site. This now contains a wheel cleaning device. But why put it up here?

Finally, 3 red lines have appeared on the floor at the entrance. What are these for in wonder?

All will be revealed throughout next week I'm sure.
17th June 2013

It's been 10 days since my last report and not much seems to have happened. The two mounds of rubble and soil have grown even more and there is no movement into the next field. There is a rumour going around that the owner of that field has now pulled out of the deal. If that is the case then that would be very bad news for all concerned. We shall have to wait to see what the outcome is. The workmen on site have said they are going to start on the next field tomorrow (18th May). Watch this space.
Another development is the completion of the wheel cleaning hill. There is now a ramp up, then the rollers take off all the lose rubble before the lorry drives through the wheel washing bath then exits down the other ramp.

The blue container has now been raised up on stilts and this is where the incoming lorries will check in.
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18th June 2013

Quick update. Fencing has arrived for the next field but still no movement in that direction.
A little concerning is the road has collapsed at this point. It's got to last 2 years but seems to be failing already.
19th June 2013

Pictures from another concerned resident show that work has now started on the next field. This runs along the South edge of the golf course. The fence marks the edge of the road, the space between the fence and the bridleway, where the earth mover is sitting, is the 'buffer zone' to prevent the lorries from 'spooking' the horses.

Time will tell whether this zone works or not.
One question springs to mind though. If the road is going to be on the other side of the fence, why have they cut the grass on THIS side of it? That would make the road too close to the bridleway guys.
This graphic, from the plans Woodlands submitted, show in detail how the buffer zone works. Due to concerns expressed by many horse riders that use the bridleway, Woodlands agreed to erect this fence to help reduce the disturbance caused to the horses. The buffer zone should be from 12 to 15 metres in width.
21st June 2013

Today saw the haul road enter the field that runs along the Southern edge of golf course. They have put two mounds of soil in the buffer zone but the fence is on the wrong side. They have their reasons I'm sure but it does look a little odd.

Their path is blocked at the moment by trees and bushes. There is also a number of corrugated iron buildings which, to be honest, look as though they are going to fall down before they are cleared out of the way.
27th June 2013

The road construction has now reached the final field to run across and has reached the cross-over of the bridleway to the golf course site. The road is now 1km long but still a lot of work to do. All that rubble, which has been stacking up on Strawberry Field, must now be laid on this new stretch.

Then we get the soil lorries turning up.
28th June 2013

Amongst all this destruction and mayhem there is a piece of good news. The trees that we thought were going to be ripped out have been saved. The road now goes around them. Nice way to end the week.
1st July 2013

This week saw the haul road finally get to its destination at the South East corner of the golf course. The rubble mounds are starting to be reduced and moved to make the surface of the road. The last two photos show where the road crosses the bridleway and into the golf course itself.
A series of photos showing the works in action. Spot the golfer in one of them. I wonder what he'd have thought if the wind had been blowing in HIS direction.
7th July 2013

A bit more of the golf course is dug up. This is just the start guys. 2 years of soil dumping and then how long will it take for the grass to grow?

The drain at the entrance to the road has been completed this week. Looks good but where will the water actually go? Perhaps there's a bit more hole digging to be done.

On the down side, this probably means the lorries will return tomorrow morning.
16th July 2013

These photos show that the road to the golf course is now complete and that soil has already started to arrive. There is still work to be done on the haul road on the course itself but this should be completed in a week or so. Then the work will begin on the golf course. I won't be covering that on this GLOG. I'm sure those who would be interested (the members) will have their own point of information.

I will, however, keep this GLOG going in case there are any further developments to do with the haul road between Main Road and the course entrance.
A golf ball found on the haul road that runs along the edge of the golf course. Let's hope the new course layout will improve the players accuracy. ;-)

Any comments or anything that I should know about for this GLOG, please contact me on
Driving Range 24th July 2013

The following pictures are of the works on the golf course itself. Brian Bamford from the club invited me, and two others from CLAG, to the club for a tour of the course and to show us what Woodlands are planning to do to improve it.
The earth movers have arrived This whole area will be levelled, landscaped and a driving range, with 6 bays, will be erected.
The haul road is ploughing through the golf course. The entrance to the golf course for the haul road is in the far SE corner of the course.
Hole 14. The one that has caused all these works. The tractor and bowser are still hard at work.
View from the 14th tee. The balls kept swinging to the right and landing in neighbours gardens. The haul road again.
The 13th green, next to the haul road entrance. Hole 13. THere will be a mound of soil along the length of this fairway on the right, adjacent to the bridleway.
No.12 tee will be raised by a couple of metres. 12th green looking back across Strawberry Field to Main Road.
Sue, Trevor and Brian walk across a fairway. Hole No.8 will have a pond installed to the left by the willow tree.
A view from the club house. That is getting a makeover as well. Many thanks to Brian for showing us around. He has said it will be ok for me to pop over now and then to keep a photographic record of how things are progressing.
  20th August 2013

With the importing of soil to the golf course now well under way, there are concerns being raised about the tipper lorries using Biggin Hill as a car park before the site opens at 9:30 in the morning. These photos sent to me show lorries parked on Main Road, Aperfield Road and Westerham Hill waiting their slot. Other lorries have been reported waiting in St. Winifred's Road and Chestnut Avenue.

18th September 2013

We have had dry dusty conditions and wet muddy conditions. With all these lorries going up and down Main Road, to and from the golf course, you would think that someone would be out there keeping the roads clean. Alas no. Not enough is being done to keep the roads clean. And because the lorries are not covered, chunks of mud and large rocks are falling off the backs of lorries and landing on the highways. Come on somebody, clean these roads. Winter is on its way and things will get a lot worse if nothing is done.
27th November 2013

It's been a while since i have posted anything but to be honest there hasn't been a lot to post. Seeing lorries coming and going all day, every day (except weekends of course), has lost it's interest. But there are new developments regarding the lorries thundering through our little village. The men at the site are doing a 'not bad' job cleaning the roads but there are times when the roads are appalling. AND the pavements. They seem to be getting neglected. Here's a few pics.
Rogues Gallery
There is growing concern in Biggin Hill about the total disregard for road safety and the laws of the land
(mainly regarding legal parking) shown by the drivers of the lorries that go to and from the site.
Local residents have sent me photos of illegally parked lorries and i will post them here as and when i receive them.

Please email me any photos you have showing illegal parking.

  8th December 2013

These pictures, which were sent to me by a local resident, show what happened when they drove through Biggin Hill when a tipper lorry thundered passed going in the opposite direction and a stone fell off hitting the windscreen.
11th March 2014

A local resident, who walks her dog regularly around the area of the golf course, has sent me photos showing the bottom of Strawberry Field where the haul road cuts across the footpath into the next field. It appears that the rubble that makes up the haul road is acting as a dam and the result is an area covered in thick mud. When lorries cross over, they actually produce a bow wave, much the same way as a boat does. Walking through this, which is a footpath, is almost impossible.

The last picture shows where there is a gap in the rubble mound the mud is entering the field.
  11th March 2014

At the end of the haul road where it enters the golf course there is a cross-over with the bridleway. This photo was sent to me and it shows that where the lorries, and other machinery, cross the path it is so muddy that it is getting dangerous for the horses to ride across it.

The weather has not be kind to anyone in this country this winter and it has, apparently,  been a tough time for Woodlands too. Because of all the wet weather we've been having it has meant the haul road has been washed clean of the small particles, sand, gravel etc. This has left the bricks and larger rubble which has been causing problems for the lorries.

It has been noticed that countless lorries have been stopping at the entrance to remove house bricks that get wedged between the rear tyres. There has also been a lot of lorries that have had punctures. The cost of repairing the tyres, around 80 a time, 800 if the wheel needs replacing, is the responsibility of Woodlands. It is getting so bad that some lorry drivers will not come to this landfill site anymore in favour of the site in Brastead which is larger and easier to access (no 1km haul road).

That's all well and good but it means that the number of lorries is reduced and as such will take longer to complete the works. It has been going on for nearly a year now and they still haven't completed stage one of four.

Everyone, on both sides, are in need of some dry weather and, if the last few days are anything to go by, it looks like it might be here now.

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