Moving Images of

Biggin Hill

I am always looking at ways of improving this site. With that in mind I am looking for moving images of Biggin Hill. I can convert 8mm, Super8 and VHS video. The clip can be 10 seconds or 10 minutes long. The older the better.

Please contact me if you can help. If you are local to Biggin Hill I can collect and return the films.


(Note: To views these videos on this page you may need to allow ActiveX applications by clicking on the block that may appear at the top of this page. If in doubt visit my YouTube page by clicking the link at the bottom of this page)


This first clip shows mothers bringing their children to the day centre. Date around 1957.

Primary School on Main Road (now Waitrose). Look out for Temples Store at the end. 1960

See a 'Then and Now' of a frame at 1:41. Click on the link below.

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Carnival time in Biggin Hill. 1962


Dog show in Biggin Hill 1963


Old cine film of drivers testing their skills between the two hangers on Biggin Hill airfield around 1966.




I was driving through Biggin Hill in 1986 in my red Ford Escort MK1 and filming with my old super 8 camera.

It starts driving through Leaves Green, passed the RAF Chapel gate guardians (you'll notice there are two Spitfires and before the fibre glass replicas arrived), RAF air crew selection building (where girlfriend, now wife, use to work), end of the runway (note plane landing) and finally approaching the Fox and Hounds.

Obviously I don't recommend filming whilst driving but I was young and foolish in those days!

Note: The Spitfire on the right that is shown on the cine clip is LA226 which was there for a short time replacing Hurricane LF738. The other Spitfire, SL674, was there the longest before being replaced by the replicas. I got married in 1988 at thr RAF chapel and my wedding photos were taken in front of SL674.



You never know what you are going to see in Biggin Hill. This was the day they moved a WW2 US fighter plane from Biggin Hill by road. When I saw this thing move slowly passed our house I had to grab the video camera.




A Biggin Hill site would not be the same without some mention of the airshows. Although I have a number of videos of various shows, this one was filmed on an old cine camera in 1986

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