Beech Road

I aquired this postcard a while ago and have been trying to locate exactly where it was taken. I even drove down Beech Road today to see if I could take the picture (even though I had to reverse almost the whole length to get out again!). I don't have a date for the postcard but I would put it around 1910/20. If anyone can help dating it, or even locating where it was taken, that would be a great help.

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And is it a mistake that it is spelt 'Beach' or has the spelling changed at some point for some reason?

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This is from Ian Watkins who wrote:

Hi, the view from beech road looks like it was taken above Kings road near spring gardens, in the early 60s there was a chalky path called risbys bank just there between Kings and beech road and beech road was just an overgrown track, From there you could walk along past a big tree known as thunder and lightning that was covered in carved initials, then farther on you would end up behind mr Herberts house in alexandra road called Herbert Villa, A nice brick built house with not many floorboards as mr Herbert used them for fire wood. Ian.


This is from Colin Pascoe:

I have been looking at the photo taken at the end of Beech Road, I agree with the suggested site of that picture I believe it was 1930's or earlier. I moved to Beech Road in 1947 with my parents and spent many hours playing in the woods with friends who lived within the area shown on the picture during the 1950's when it was built up far more than shown. Risby's bank was to the left of the photo and was so called because the Risby family lived adjacent to it. 

Tony Lewis