300 Main Road (Katoomba)

When I set up this website in 2000 I took some photos of the place as it was then. Along the main road was this old bungalow. At the time I thought it wouldn't be long before it is knocked down and re-developed. It was showing signs of it's age and was a bit 'scruffy'. So I took this photo as a record of how it was.

I never imagined that ten years later it would still be there. No work had been done on the outside (I don't know if it has been lived in all this time) and now there is a fence up around it and demolition is due to start. I will keep an eye on this property and see how the new building develops. Watch this space.

Tony Lewis 2000

Tony Lewis 2010


Well it had to happen sooner or later. Another old building in Biggin Hill has become a victim of the developer's mallet. At the end of 2010 the house was demolished. Time will only tell what the replacement will be like. Once again, watch this space.


Tony Lewis 2011


Early 2011 saw the completion of the new houses. As is the case nowadays with new properties, two now stand where one use to be. It will be personal taste whether you like the new houses or not but I personally think they aren't too bad. There is a lot worse that has been built in Biggin Hill over the years.


Tony Lewis 2011