Aperfield Court Building Estate

1903 book

In 1903 Mr F H Dougal, owner of the Aperfield Estate, produced a book showing what properties were available in Biggin Hill at that time. Some of the buildings show 'To Let' signs and some are shown with their owners. There is a timetable in the front cover with times from London stations and on many of the pages are comments saying what a healthy and profitable place Biggin Hill is.

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As you will see, some of the buildings in the book are still standing today (a selection of which are below with the building as it looks today). If you know of any buildings in the book that are still standing today, please contact me at tony@bigginhill-history.co.uk and I will come and take a 'Now' photo to include in a new section of this website that is in development. I would also be interested to know where some of the now demolished buildings were. The locations of the demolished buildings and framed in RED.


And finally. Three pictures of the same house. Highclere House (teapot tearooms).

1. Being built. 2. In use. 3. Being demolished.



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