144 and 146 Main Road

This photograph taken in the 60's shows a carnival walking down Main Road past two similar, gabel roofed, shops (144 and 146). This pair of buildings stood side by side for many years until 146 was knocked down and replaced with a covered walk, lined with shops on one side, to the car park at the back. This walk has now been replaced by the cycle shop 'Bigg 'In' Bikes' (see page 'West Kent Motors 2').

Also note the building in the distance with the two tall chimney stacks on the side of the roof. As you can see in the 'Now' photo, the building and the chimneys, now painted white, still exist.

Charles Couldry

Tony Lewis


Although 146 Main Road has long been demolished, you can still see to this day where the two buildings were joined. A small piece of barge board from 146 is still visible after all these years.


Tony Lewis