10 Nelson Close

(Slightly different but interesting.)

This chalet style house in was one of only seven build by Edward Drury in the early 1960's as part of the new Church Estate on what was previously common land (5 in Nelson Close and 2 in Village Green Way). The plan, it was said at the time, was to build more of these houses within the estate but funds were depleted and this never came about.

This property has changed a lot since the first photograph was taken in 1972. Indeed, there is already a 'dorma' extension to the right hand side of the building when this picture was taken. In fact, all seven houses have been altered in some way with most of them retaining the balcony with wrought iron railing at the front. Sadly this property has not retained its balcony. Although the houses appeared to be largish properties most had just two large bedrooms upstairs, not enough for growing families. This house has grown outwards and upwards, a testament to the solid Drury foundations, to accommodate three generations of one family all living together.


Here are three of the other four houses in Nelson Close. The one on the left is much like the original but the other two have had roof extensions.

At the Aperfield Road end of Village Green Way can be found two more of Edward Drury houses. These are much as the original with only extensions to the dorma windows.

Although Edward Drury ran out of money to build in Biggin Hill, it turns out that he did build some more houses of the same design on the outskirts of Maidstone. Here you can see three of seven that were built here. All of these appear to have had similar extensions to the roof space and all retain the balconies.