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This website is a pictorial record of how Biggin Hill has changed over the 

last 100 years using old and new photographs.




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New for 2017


When this website was set up nearly 20 years ago, all the 'Now' pictures were

taken showing what Biggin Hill was like in, or around, 2000.


That was 17 years ago and Biggin Hill has changed in those years (and is still changing).




So this year I am going to update this site by taking new 'Now' pictures

if the property, or view, has changed since 2000. Look out for the BLUE borders.


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 Created by Tony Lewis, March 2000, it now contains over 

300 pages and over 400 photographs, old and new, and much more!

The old and new Black Hosre merged

In the early 1900's, William Nelson, a local professional photographer, took a series of photographs of Biggin Hill and surrounding area. They show a very different scene from that of today.

I have revisited the locations and tried to capture exactly the same images (traffic on Main Road permitting!) as they appear today. Many of the old buildings still exist but, as you'll see, the surroundings are very different.

I would like to thank John Nelson for the use of his grandfather's photographs and for using some of his text from his book 'Grandfathers Biggin Hill'. 

Since creating this site in 2000 I have acquired numerous photographs from a variety of sources. Many have come as a result of this site so if you have any old photographs of Biggin Hill, and surrounding area, that you feel could be used on this site (no matter how insignificant you may think they are) then please Email me tony@bigginhill-history.co.uk

Copyright note: All images/videos on this site are owned by me or by the person named on the photo/video. Images/videos may not be used unless permission has been sought from the owner.


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